Scrub Up On Science Challenge 2017

Do you think your students have got the skills, scientific knowledge and enthusiasm to create a great bath bomb or bubble bath mixture?

Graphic Bath

Welcome to the Scrub up on Science competition for 2017. Last year we had a fantastic response to our annual competition and standards were extremely high.

This year, we look forward to looking at a new set of fantastic entries as we ask you to create your own bath bomb or bubble bath. If you entered last year and made a bath bomb, why not try the other challenge this year, and make a bubble bath to experiment with bubbles?

The aim of this competition is to get students thinking about what chemical processes are involved in cosmetics and personal care products.

This year, the competition will involve:

  • testing your own hypothesis when creating your bubble bath or bath bomb
  • adding an element of your own research: if it is a bubble bath, how do you maximise and measure a bubble blown using the bubble bath? (The bigger, the better!) Or, if it is a bath bomb, how do you generate the most effervescence?
  • submitting evidence of your experiment in the form of a film or presentation for judging.

Our judging panel will be looking to see who can explain the science involved the most clearly and succinctly when reviewing your videos and presentations as well as who is working well scientifically and finding the answer to the question posed in their hypothesis.

This year, the selected finalists will be invited to the National Space Centre in Leicester to tour the planetarium and other wonderful things this centre has to offer. Finalists will be invited to compete against the other finalists there and will be asked to recreate their product for the judges. The winning team will receive the 2017 trophy and all finalists will receive an exclusive SUOS goody bag.

How to enter:

1. Download the information you need to get started with the competition.

2. Get experimenting and create your product!

3. Read our terms and conditions.

4. When you are ready to enter, fill in our entry form and upload your film or presentation. You will need to register to do this. If you have already registered, your details will be in our system from last year

Good luck!


Submit your entries here.