Mojgan Moddaresi

Cosmetic Safety Assessor


Cosmetics Innovations & Technologies Ltd.


PharmaD, PhD, MSB, CBiol, MSCS

Mojgan Moddaresi(Cosmetic Safety Assessor)

What made me interested in Science

Science can provide a better understanding of the world around us.  When I was in high school, Chemistry and Biology fascinated me. I've always been intrigued by how our body works and very curious about the chemical reactions in organic Chemistry.

My career so far

My career history looks like a jigsaw puzzle in different industries and different continents, but is all related to what I am doing now. In 1998 I graduated as a pharmacist in my native country of Iran and did a number of pharmaceutical roles with different companies. After that, I worked as a formulator in a private cosmetic company. I then became a quality control manager at a pharmaceutical company specialising in skin and eye drugs.

When I moved to the UK I had a great opportunity to study the first PhD in Cosmetic Science. I wondered what would be the best option for me: getting a PhD in a field where the job prospects were unknown, or being a pharmacist once more? I chose the first option.

After gaining my PhD, I took on a couple of different roles but decided to follow my passion and started my own company in Cambridge focused on providing regulatory services for cosmetic products.

Day to day role

No two days are the same. I provide all the necessary services for my clients so that their finished cosmetic products will be in compliance with EU regulations. I also generate new business and improve customer service for existing clients.

I spend lots of time on Skype communicating with my colleagues, and dedicate a couple of hours a day to keeping myself updated with new regulations and research in my field.

Most exciting career moment so far

When my company made a profit in its second year.

Favourite part of my job

I love spending time helping clients who may find regulations confusing and asssiting them in solving their problems. I enjoy my reading time and discovering new developments in the industry. Keeping my regular clients happy and finding new ones is also a very rewarding experience.

Most challenging part of my job

My company is a small business and it needs to grow to survive, so one of the most challenging aspects is identifying the best strategy for growth and finding the right team to make it happen.

What I find most exciting about the cosmetic science industry

I have worked as a pharmacist, an inspector and within the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. But without doubt, the cosmetics industry has proved to be my favourite.

It is a multidisciplinary science where you can be both logical and creative. I don’t think there's another scientific field that combines so many elements.

How I use Chemistry in my job

The safety assessment of finished cosmetic products can’t be done without a good knowledge of Chemistry and the structure of their ingredients.

If I didn’t do this I would

I would probably stick to being a pharmacist.

When I’m not at work…

I'm formulating recipes in the kitchen, spending time with my children, or reading industry magazines (while watching CBBC!).